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Certified Business Architect & Book Launch Coach

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Entrepreneurial Dreams

You want to take your business to the next level but are afraid that it will cost you in time and money. Marius can help you to get more time without losing money with your development.

Bestseller Author Dreams

As a “Book Launch Coach” Marius will guide you to a bestseller book launch without feeling like a sell-out or “pushy seller.” And at the same time build your author platform.
Helping You Achieve Success by

Unlocking Your Full Potential.

I’m a business developer and business architect at Idélab, Mälardalen University’s business incubator. Officially, my job is to help and guide students, faculty members and researchers on starting their own business.

But really, it’s all about slaying the roadblocks and preparing their start-up’s foundation for business success.

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